Younique Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Younique Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

If you are new to makeup, choosing the right makeup brushes and their uses can be a bit intimidating.  There are many sizes and shapes to choose from and to create the perfect look with a flawless application, the right brush is just as important as the right product.  Makeup application does not have to be a mystery or something to fear.  Good quality makeup brushes are an investment just like beauty products, your skin, and you.  Let me help you take the mystery out of choosing the correct makeup brush.

Makeup application is so easy with the right tools, and Younique has all you need to get the job done right.  Younique Moodstruck Face Makeup Brushes and their uses:


Foundation Brush

Used to make the application of foundation perfectly flawless and smooth to your skin.  Made with high quality synthetic fibers which is exactly what you need for a foundation brush because it absorbs less product than a brush made with natural hair.

Blusher Brush

Perfectly and deliberately angled for precise blush placement to enhance cheekbones.  Start with just a little Moodstruck Minerals Blusher – it’s easier to add more to your face than to take off too much of it.  Made with real Capra animal hair.

Concealer Brush

The fibers are non-porous and non-absorptive to ensure a light application and will help your concealer last longer.  Tapered and tightly packed hair in the brushes fit the contours of eyes and blemishes for ideal coverage.  The Concealer Brush may often be referred to as the “magic brush” as it conceals and blends perfectly!

Powder Puff Brush

Made with real Capra animal hair, the Powder Puff Brush is perfect for applying dry loose powders onto the skin.  Its full, round shape and absorbent qualities allows for even product distribution of powder foundation, concealer, and bronzers.

Younique brushes are made to last a lifetime and will accentuate any mood making it impossible to get a bad application.  Younique Moodstruck Eye Makeup Brushes and their uses:


Deluxe Eye Brush

Uniformly covers the whole eyelid for an even application of color.  This dome shaped brush is perfect for feathering out color or applying a solid base color.  Use wet or dry.  Made with real pony hair.

Crease Brush

Allows for precise, deliberate application of color.  Use to add depth to the crease of your eyelid by using the just tip to apply color, press into the crease and swipe from side to side until you have achieved the desired color intensity.  Use wet or dry.  Made with real goat hair.

Liner/Shader Brush

This dual ended brush has a soft shader brush that diffuses and melds color for a beautiful finish.  Wet the angled liner tip making it easy to draw a straight line along your lashes creating the perfect eyeliner.  Liner end made with synthetic fibers.  Shader end made with real pony hair.

Lash Comb/Brow Brush


This double-sided tool is a dream for your lashes and brows.  A metal comb separates lashes.  The bristled brush shapes and grooms eyebrow hair into place.  Brush is made with real animal boar hair.  Comb is stainless steel and will not rust.

Younqiue makeup brushes are sure to help you achieve all your desired looks as well as increase your confidence to reach outside your comfort zone.

Makeup brushes are an investment and need regular maintenance to continue to perform and deliver flawless, beautiful applications.  All Younique makeup brushes have an inner high-quality copper ferrule, are made to last a lifetime, and are cruelty-free.  These brushes are covered by Younique’s Love It Guarantee.  What looks will you discover with Younique “Makeup Brushes and their uses”?




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