Younique Presenter: A Personal Journey

Younique Presenter: A Personal Journey

I was in a place where I was not happy with my appearance and did not even know what a Younique Presenter was.  I was battling hypothyroidism and desperately trying to get it regulated with medication, supplements, and lifestyle changes.  My hair was thinning, breaking, and dry; this was saddening because as much as I’ve always despised my hair, it was my trademark and the first thing many noticed about me.   My skin was gray, dry, and lifeless.  I no longer recognized the girl in the mirror and was beginning to become a shell of the girl I once knew.


In walked Younique, a savior I didn’t know would have a major role in bringing me back to life.  I was invited to an online party by a dear college friend.  I’ve never been a makeup girl having to have all the newest beauty secrets.  I honestly cannot tell you the reason I ordered the 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara from this party.  It was a complete impulse buy from a girl desperate to feel better about herself.  When it arrived, my husband (fiancé at the time) responded with, “You spent how much on mascara?  It’s not going be any different.”  I went upstairs to apply it anyway…I was excited, hopeful, but also skeptical.  I was amazed before eye number 1 was even complete!  I am a complete makeup novice and even I can do this!  I finished both eyes and went back downstairs.  The look on his face was all the reassurance I needed and I was hooked!  I still find him staring and one day I didn’t apply it before work and when I commented about this, he said, “I knew there was something missing.”


Helping Out a Friend

So when this dear friend and Younique Presenter asked me to host an online party, I immediately said yes.  I had browsed the website and was eager to try other products and help my friend at the same time.  My party was an immediate hit.  My friend and her sponsor were messaging me trying to convince me to sign up and join the sisterhood as a Younique presenter.  I was apprehensive; I am a very introverted person, how am I going to be any good sales; I don’t know the first thing about makeup, my college roommate always applied it for me; do I have time for this; do I know enough people to make it work?  So many thoughts and questions were running through my mind.  I listened to the recorded opportunity message about the company and business.  I found myself getting excited, inspired, and thinking maybe I can do this.  The support I was receiving from women I did not know blew me away.  I felt a part of something before I even took the leap.  The night I decided to sign up I was overcome with so many emotions; excited, hopeful, nervous.  I was trembling as I clicked the button, but my sponsor was on the phone with me through it all. 

I could tell you my reasons were our upcoming wedding, contributing to our household so my husband does not feel he has to work so many hours of overtime, to be a part of a family of strong, inspiring, empowering women, belief in the company, the mission, and the products, to empower others, etc.  But the main reason I took this giant leap of faith was the timid voice deep inside that was screaming, “YES!  You can do this!”  All those other reasons are true; they helped me rationalize my decision, and continue to motivate me on my journey.

photo 3

I was pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support from team members I have never met.  I am never alone which is a huge security blanket as this experience is so very new to me and I still don’t know exactly what it is that don’t know and am learning every day.  Team leaders are available for individual coaching calls, weekly team calls and they post helpful tips, training, and strategies daily in online group forums.  They genuinely care about you and your business.  You are not just a number that will build their income.  They embody the mission of uplifting, empowering, and validating women.


Royalties Program

Our compensation plan for a Younique Presenter is an amazing perk as well which was designed with success in mind.  We are paid daily…yes daily! There are no ongoing fees or hoops to jump through.  Our marketing and sales are done primarily online through social media providing you an opportunity for innovation using your own resources and the connections you already have.  You have access to reference and training materials right at your fingertips along with business supplies for building your business.

So here I am over 6 months later and continue to enjoy being a Younique presenter.  I have established friendships I would not have had and am empowering women every day to raise their self-esteem.  Younique products have brought new life not only to my skin but my every day.  I no longer require medication to regulate my thyroid and can look in the mirror without cringing and disdain.  I have the support of a community that is backing me 100%. 

Everyone has a different Younique story and path to wellness; I would have laughed if you had told me a cosmetic company would be a part of my journey.  I took the leap and have not looked back.  I believe deeply in this company and the diligence they put into creating healthy, naturally based products to enhance your natural beauty from the inside.

photo 93

If you are looking for a way to enhance your story, Younique has amazing opportunities waiting for you as a “Younique Presenter.”



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