Younique Confidence

I have never been confident in makeup, and in fact, I avoided it telling myself I was just a simple girl. But, truthfully, I always felt insecure around girls who just seemed to have confidence and the ability for all those techniques and I was left feeling intimidated. I thought this was a naturally given talent they were born with and I was not.

IMG_0781I’ve learned makeup is a skill that takes practice, a willingness to try, and it is not the foreign language I was once petrified of. Understanding the different tools and techniques takes the guesswork out and truly simplifies everything. Every tool, every product has a purpose.

So, it’s not the makeup, the looks I create, or the feedback from others that has built my confidence, but rather tackling my fears and overcoming an obstacle that kept me feeling insecure and less than most of my life. It’s knowing I have the option and courage to try new looks even though my preference remains with simplicity.

photo 120


Click here to read more about my Younique Journey.

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