Let Your Lips Do the Talking

In just 3 days, over 110,000 units of SPLASH Liquid Lipstick were sold!  Matte liquid lipstick is the hottest new trend and these bold, vibrant shades will not disappoint!


During the month of October, receive the brand new Moodstruck Lip Exfoliator FREE with purchase of set of 3 SPLASH Liquid Lipsticks.  Velvety, smooth formula glides on with precision using the brush applicator.  Lipstick that wears like a stain!

What colors will you choose?



Beauty Lies Within

* Don’t think you have time for an Online Beauty Event.
* Don’t want to bother friends with numerous notifications.

Let me introduce you to Beauty Lies Within. This new event format will give your friends everything at their fingertips to build their makeup confidence, learn some tips, and begin to see themselves as their loved ones do. All you have to do is share a link with your friends, I’ll take care of the rest, and you could walk away with FREE makeup and items at half price!

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Social Media Platform is for Me

Younique was built on a social media platform. That means it fits easily in my 9-5 daily grind! “Parties” are held online allowing me the ease of posting and sharing products with customers in just a few minutes a day. Selfies are snapped running out the door in the morning or during lunch. But, Amy, when do you find the time for your videos? Great question because you all know I wake up early and still manage to run late. Well, here’s my secret…a girl has to “get ready” in the morning anyway, right? I don’t just wake up like this! Press record and I’m ready for my day and video is D-U-N! It fits around my life.

5 Minute Face

My Reaction to My First Get Ready with Me Live Broadcast

😱😱😱😱I cannot believe this happened!!! I know what you’re thinking, “Amy, you’ve been making videos for over a year now.” But I have to share a story with you. 

I have always been a very shy, reserved person and in many ways I still am. I always felt there was something wrong with me that I couldn’t be more outgoing like my friends. Took me quite a few years, but I realized this was not anywhere close to the truth and we all have different personalities. I was accepting of my quiet self but still always felt uneasy in groups. I know many of you reading this who met me later in life are quite shocked to learn I actually had the nickname Mute, but I digress. Within in the last few months, I’ve had a few conversations with friends that have eluded to me being outgoing 😱 I was very surprised by these comments and perceptions. Then this past weekend someone who knows me very well said to me, “You really have gained quite a bit of confidence.” Then it hit me, the uneasiness I used to feel in groups isn’t so uneasy. The anxiety I would feel in public isn’t so debilitating. Yes, this is a makeup video but Younique and this business has given me so much more than how to take care of my outer self. It’s taught me to care for and embrace my inner self, to share my gifts with the world and not hide and make excuses for who I am. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support me on this journey. It’s because of you this development and growth has occurred and for that I will be forever grateful 💜
Get Ready with Me & Touch of Beauty